I have been very fortunate to travel to some very exotic places.  My parents traveled extensively.  I was in my first plane at the age of 5. This was back in 1958! (No, the pilot was not Orville Wright.)  The plane was a DC-3. The stewardess, yes that is what they were called, would give you gum to ease the popping in your ears from the change in pressure.  Believe it or not, air travel was fun.

Even though air travel isn’t as fun as I remember, my thirst for visiting new and exciting places hasn’t wavered.  With my interest in photography, I have been able to marry these two hobbies and build some wonderful memories.

Every other month, I will post a few photos from some of my trips.  Please view them and tell me what you think. Tell your friends too!

If you were on a trip, please send us a few (please no more than 5, thank you) of your favorite pictures.  We will be proud to post them.  Please include a short description of the photos, as well.

We at Mayfield Smiles look forward to sharing these experiences with you.

Stay safe and warm!

Dr. John R. Schuster