Emergency Dental Care

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What to do in the case of a dental emergency

Here are tips on how to handle a few common dental emergencies. 

  • TOOTHACHE: See your dentist when you feel discomfort or pain. 
  • CHIPPED, CRACKED OR BROKEN TOOTH: Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress. Go to the dentist immediately. If the tooth was broken or chipped, bring the tooth fragment wrapped in wet gauze or a wet towel.
  • LOOSENED OR KNOCKED OUT TOOTH: If your tooth becomes loose due to trauma, call your dentist. For a knocked out tooth, gently insert the lost tooth back in its socket if possible, holding the tooth by the crown using a clean washcloth. (If the tooth is dirty, first rinse the root but do not scrub it or remove any attached tissues.) If reinsertion isn’t possible, hold the tooth under the tongue and go to the dentist immediately.